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Coloring Pages

Want to add a little bit of your own color to Jesse’s world? You’ll be able to do just that with these printable pages coming soon.

Drawn by illustrator Begum Manav, you’ll get to choose from 5 different familiar and new scenes from the story of Jesse and the Fly.


Recorded, edited, and mixed in the comfort of their own home, Daniel and Kaylee bring you an auditory experience of Jesse and the Fly.

You won’t want to miss hearing Jesse’s adventure come to life with an astounding narration by Kaylee and filled with fun sounds to follow along in a whole new way.

Available the same day as the book on September 5th.

Lesson Plans

Calling all educators! The authors have planned out a few fun exercises for the classroom that correlate to Jesse and the Fly. 

These lesson plans are sure to create a buzz amongst your students which means more fun and engagement for them, and less planning for you.

Coming soon!

Follow all of Jesse's adventures!